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Buy Altamofen Tamoxifen Tablets Online

Tamoxifen Tablets


Buy Altamofen Tamoxifen Tablets Online

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Altamofen 20mg is an oral medication which is used in the treatment of some of breast cancer. It is also used as a mass gainer, as it enhances the activity of testosterone.

Altamofen 20mg is a derivative of Tamoxifen. It effectively interacts with estrogen receptors and promotes conformational changes. It results in the changes in the estrogen dependent gene. It also reduced the activity of DNA polymerase and decrease estrogen responses. By this action Altamofen 20mg is used in the management of some types of breast cancer.

Altamofen 20mg should not used by some Individuals, who are suffering from severe allergic reactions to Altamofen or its component and severe blood clot disorders. It should not be used by an individual, who is taking Anastrozole compounds.


It is available in oral tablet dosage form. For the treatment and reduction of the risk of breast tumor, an individual should take 20 to 40 mg of this drug daily by the oral route. It can be used with or without food.

Individuals, who are taking dose more than 20 mg in a day, should take this drug in a divided dose. An individual should not use this drug more than 5 years. For obtaining big muscles and body weight, an individual should start taking this drug in a dose of 20mg per day. It can be increased up to 30 mg per day depending on safety and efficacy of this drug in the body.

The consumption of this medication can cause side effects in some individual. These include muscle pain, cough, drowsiness, bone pain and tiredness.


  • This drug should be used with caution in certain cases like pregnancy, breastfeeding, vision disorder and high cholesterol levels.
  • This drug should not be used in combination of certain drugs such as Warfarin and Paroxetine.

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