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Anabolics & Hormone

Hormones are special substances that help in the activity of specific cells in certain areas of the body. Hormones are released by cells in glands, and secreted by the gland into the blood circulation. The bloodstream then transports the hormone to some tissues, where the hormone shows its effect in the body.

Hormones control a number of body functions in humans such as:

  • Regulation of Growth
  • Development  
  • Reproduction.

These hormones can lead to serious upcoming danger and even lead to death with the decreased amount of hormones in the body.

Hormone regulates various functions like metabolism, growth, sensual function and reproduction, production of several blood related ingredients, reaction to stress, regulation of other hormones. Human hormones are Insulin, thyroid hormone, estrogens, testosterone, and cortisone.

Regulation of hormones:

The control of the liberation of hormone is regulated by a negative feedback mechanism. This mechanism depends on aspects that affect the metabolism and secretion of hormones. Thus, higher amount of hormones is not capable of activating the negative feedback mechanism alone. Negative feedback must be activated by overproduction of an "effect" of the hormone.

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