Being healthy, staying fit and looking amazing is something we all want, we all want to present ourselves in the best way possible and we have a thing for having a muscular and well-shaped body.  We want to be admired for the way we look and we admire others as well who have worked on themselves and attained a great physique. When we look at our favorite stars, sportspersons, bodybuilders maintain a strong and spectacular physique we just can’t stop admiring that body and want to build a similar one. This however is no easy task; it demands a lot of discipline, work, and nutrition and in some, a whole lot more. Have you ever had that feeling that your body is not growing and developing in ratio when compared to the efforts you have put in?  Well, it is not just your irrational expectation, it can be very much a real thing, there are many of us whose body does not respond to food and exercise, it certainly grows but not as you want it to grow, you don’t get those big muscles and popping out veins. To have a body like you see on television, which blows your mind away, you might need a little bit extra. You have probably heard of steroids if you are a fitness enthusiast, you probably have also heard of the effects they offer and the side effects as well. Indeed, the improper use of steroids can be harmful which is why you should choose them correctly and take them with caution getting a complete physical checkup every once in a  while.

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Anavar is a safe and effective product belonging to the category of steroids. This product is massively relied upon by the fitness enthusiasts, many professional bodybuilders and athletes as well as it gives them massive stamina, endurance and helps in sculpting their body.  This product increases the exercise capacity and increases the results manifolds which can be seen in a short span. This product is also highly recommended for people who have gone through extensive surgery for muscle recovery or are suffering from some severe chronic infection or severe trauma to regain weight in case of significant muscle loss. This product also assists in burning fat so that you can look shredded.

Anavar has as its active remedial agent, an FDA-approved anabolic steroid called Oxandrolone. This drug is the chemical analog of Testosterone which exerts its effects by increasing the nitrogen retention in muscles and also brings down the content of SHBG as well as glucocorticoid hormones. It promotes the retention of nitrogen level in the body which is required for protein synthesis. The SHBG decreased concentration makes more testosterone available in the body for use enabling anabolic processes in the body.

Anavar is available as a tablet dosage form meant to be ingested with water. The most recommended dose for bodybuilders is 20 to 30mg of Anavar taken daily which can be increased further to 40mg to 50mg of each day; a high dose however can lead to adverse effects so tolerability of the drug should be kept in consideration, always follow your doctor’s doing advise. Females are usually recommended 5mg to 10mg of Anavar orally in a day.

Side effects associated with this medication are nausea, sleeplessness, oily skin, hair loss, vomiting, headache, modification of skin color, increased or decreased libido, and acne.

Safety measures: 

  • This drug can affect the blood glucose level; keep a close watch on your blood sugar content.  
  • Oxandrolone is a habit-forming drug, take it cautiously, follow the doctor’s advice and do not share it with anyone.  

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