It became awkward for her to go to mom's club. Every time she went there, she had to face questions "when she will be having her kids"? "When she will invite them for a baby shower"? These questions killed her from inside. As she was not able to conceive for quite long time, she had become frustrated. Although she had tried many things but no positive fertility signs were visible.

On seeing her friend's baby bumps, she dreamt of hers. She dreamed of playing with her kids. She had made plans of having a baby boy as well as one baby girl. When her husband would come back home, she would grab him and hugged him as her loneliness was killing her deep inside. Hopelessness made her totally worried. She would get more into a depression on thinking about the journey of life all alone with only her husband.

Bundle of Happiness will Come at Your Home with Pregnyl

It was her husband, who supported her in those years of infertility. With doctor's suggestion, she started on the treatment with Pregnyl. After completion, one day she could not believe that she was really pregnant. She used pregnancy test kit twice to confirm about her conception. She took extreme care through out nine months and was blessed with twins. Her dream of having two kids was now accomplished. Her trust over this medication made her approach positive towards her life.      

PREGNYL: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Important uses of this hormone:

  • This hormone is useful in making a woman gestated.
  • This hormone prevents delay in male's normal growth pattern.
  • This hormone helps our body to make more testosterone.

The mechanism by which this hormone functions inside our body:

This hormone causes the interaction with LHCG receptors presents inside your ovary. This helps in promoting corpus luteum at the start of the pregnancy. Thus enabling corpus luteum to produce progesterone hormone at the first trimester. Therefore, progesterone hormone causes the nourishment of fetus.

Dosage Design of this medication:

To stimulate an ovulation process, one must start using 5000-10,000 units via intramuscularly one day followed after the last day of menotropins.

Let us know about some contraindications while injecting this medication:

  • Do never inject in times of high allergies towards this drug.
  • Do never inject it when having prostate cancer.

Safety tips:

  • Keep your hands clean before and after using this injection.
  • Always keep using sterile needles.
  • Ensure to break the needle after each usage.
  • Do have physical examination during this treatment.
  • Do not inject if solution color get changed.

After ailments that are possible with this medication are as breast pain, swelling, low mood, chest pain or pressure, numbness, pain in leg or arm, weakness, drooping, and signs of puberty. Store in a place that is moisture free, light free, and in a cool place. Not to refrigerate this injection.


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