You were at the end of the hope. After more than 6 months of debilitating neuropathy, you really wanted to quit but suddenly you found Lyrica medicine.

Your life before facing neuropathic pain:

You were a woman with a life who was running a successful business from so many of years and had no plans to stop. You were a wife and a mother, and very active in your social life. You walked around five miles every night and loved to dance and more dance with your husband. Life was going on good track.

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After a devastating diagnosis:

Suddenly, you started to the feeling of burning in your feet which gets worse and worsen with time. Finally after so much trouble you finally go to the doctor and what next, you were diagnosed with neuropathy.  The pain was becoming worse day by day even you couldn’t sleep at night, and needs to take so many painkillers, however nothing works for you. This pain does not let you sleep and you leave to going to the office and this was the end of your career of five years because the pain was getting severe day by day.

If you are also the one who couldn’t drive or even go to the store because of neuropathic pain then you must take Lyrica medicine. This drug is highly advised by the doctors for providing the relief of severe neuropathic pain. This medicine makes you free from the symptoms of neuropathic pain such as prickly electrical pins, and hurtful feeling due to neuropathic pain. It works for treating nerve pain due to any cause associated with low thyroid or nutritional shortages or impurities such as shingles, pinched nerves, injury or breakdown of the nerves or the brain due to radiation, diabetes, AIDS medicines, and chemotherapy. Pregabalin is the raw drug present in the branded medication Lyrica which is best trusted by the doctors. The main of this drug is to reduce the impulses in the brain that are causing seizures. It successfully blocks the pain signals that are moving forward to the brain so that you did not feel pain anymore. Know also lyrica 300 mg price in the USA. You can buy Lyrica medication for nerve pain from BuyMedicine247Online.

Dosing proposal that needs to be followed is:

  • To treat up the diabetic peripheral neuropathy: It is advised to take one dose of Lyrica 100 mg, by mouth thrice daily (300 mg per day) with an enormous amount of water. In beginning, it is suggested to take Lyrica 50 mg, three times daily to be the highest dosing of 300mg per day within 1 week time as per your body’s tolerance.
  • To treat up the  Postherpetic neuralgia: Take Lyrica 75 to 150mg, two times daily or 50 to 100 mg thrice daily.
  • To treat up the Fibromyalgia: Take Lyrica 300 to 450 mg per day. Initially take Lyrica 75 mg twofold a day that can be further increased to 150 mg twice daily in one week time depending on the body’s tolerance.
  • To treat up the spinal cord injury, you need to take Lyrica 150-600 mg daily. Initially take Lyrica 75 mg two times daily to an increased dose of 150 mg twice a day in one week time.

Lyrica may possibly cause some of the negative effects in the body such as dizziness, sleepiness, trouble concentrating, weight gain, blurry vision, dry mouth, and puffiness of your hands or feet. Therefore you need to take some cautionary measures such as if you are sensitive to any compound present in it then don’t take it otherwise it may cause allergic effects in the body. It is also advised not to leave the medication immediately otherwise it may cause drug withdrawal symptoms.

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