Everyone seems annoying when you are infertile but family members such as the mother in law or father in law becomes more irritated that time. From the day you marry, mother in law favorite dialogue is when you are going to gift them a baby. Not only her but other family ones also make absurd comments so that you become more comfortable as possible. After years of failure to conceiving, you were finally at a very depressed stage. Some of the questions asked by your MIL (mother in law) that constantly harasses you are:

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When are you going to make her grandmother?

Sometimes she dropped off a gift on your doorway that enclosed baby items for a boy. You were not pregnant at that time. Even she did not believe that the obstacle in the baby making is related to their son. All of the comments made by other family members double the grief of not becoming a mother. Every girl wants to be a mother someday, but infertility breaks a woman completely. A woman is supposed to be complete when she delivers a baby; failing in that task makes her incomplete. Conditions become more worsen when every family member is thinking that you purposely trying to keep them from realizing their lifelong dream of becoming a grandmother.

When you finally ask the doctor, they recommend you to use Pregnyl medication. They also told you that this is a proven medication for infertility and give 100% of results. There are so many couples who have defeated their infertile problem by using this medicine and successfully become parents. This medication is suggested to the couples who are not able to conceive a baby even after one year of unprotected intercourse. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the main working key moiety present in Pregnyl medicine.Now you can buy HCG Pregnyl Online from OnlineDrugPills at best price in USA

HCG has an active role in the normal development of egg inside the ovary and discharging it at the ovulation time. This medicine helps in making up so many of eggs and discharging them from the ovaries in a similar way of the luteinizing or LH hormone. This drug also increases the sperm count by fortifying the Leydig cells of the testicles (in the reproductive region) for manufacturing male sex hormone testosterone. It is also responsible for the normal development of Cryptorchidism so that gonads fall in the scrotum sac normally.    

Pregnyl is always taken after the doctor’s recommendation:

  • Pregnyl 2000IU injection is injected in the male patients via Sc/IM route for the treatment of Hypogonadism thrice a week for a duration of 6-9 months or as suggested by the doctor which is followed by a dose of 2000IU dosing injection to about thrice/week.
  • Pregnyl 10000 IU injections are used for treating ovulation related problem in women. This dosing is repeated by the last dose of Menotropins for 3 months.
  • Pregnyl 5000IU four injections is given in young children for falling down the testicles into scrotal sac for the management of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism.

There are some possible chances of negative effects of Pregnyl such as inflammation and pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, seasickness, bruising, mood swings, uneasiness in the pubic region, and gynecomastia (males).


  • Go pre-gynecological examination before taking Pregnyl.
  • Avoid alcohol intake while being on Pregnyl.

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