While you struggle with your infertility state, you deal with the five stages of sadness in a very month. You get angry, cry, and accept the reality but again the stages come in front of you. Some women find it difficult to swallow the truth of their infertility. What comes so easy for so many women can be a task of hardship for millions of women. Infertility may be challenging but it is you who have to deal with it. For those women having an infertility problem, they find it hard to accept other women dream of being mother come true.

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It is the desire and dream of every couple to have a new one in their life. The dream shatters on hearing the news of infertility. Infertility does not mean that you can no longer have a child of your own. Managing infertility should be a priority and this can be possible after injecting Pregnyl injection. With proper dosing scheme of this injection preparation, one can have a regular ovulation cycle that ensures conception. Many women have tried HCG Pregnyl and in few months were able to have their own baby.

Pregnyl is the hormonal injection that has chief component a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

This injection comes as strength such as 5000 IU and 10,000 IU.

This medicine comes under the class of medicine such as gonadotropins.

Advantages and Benefits of this injectable preparation:

This drug form plays important role in human fertility and reproduction process. It begins to work when it is been injected. Among females it helps in ripening an egg cell inside an ovary and triggers its release. Among males, it elevates sperm count and is also used in young boys in whom testicles have not yet dropped inside the scrotum. Therefore, it improves the fertility rate in women and balances an ovulation cycle helping her to conceive easily.

The mechanism by which this injection works inside your body:

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin binds up with LHCG receptor that is present inside an ovary and thus enhances the maintaining of corpus luteum at the start of your pregnancy state. Thus corpus luteum helps in releasing progesterone hormone and this brings in proper nourishment and supply of nutrition towards the uterus and thereby sustains fetus growth and development. 

Define dosage requirement for regulating an ovulation cycle:

The dose of about 5000 IU-10,000 IU is injected through an intramuscular route, one day followed by the last day of menotropins.

When you should not use Pregnyl if:

  • You have allergies to its ingredients.
  • You have suspected tumor and cancer of the uterus, prostate, and breast.
  • You have fibroids inside your uterus.

Specific safety measures one should follow always:

  • Use the needles that are sterile and crush used needles.
  • Do wash your hands pre and post-injection use.
  • When you know the right procedure only than self-inject.
  • Do have regular blood check-up while you are on this treatment.

Brief your doctor when you have any medical condition such as underactive thyroid glands, uncontrolled pituitary gland, high prolactin blood levels, heart disease, renal disorder, and improper adrenal glands functionality.

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