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Buy Anastrazole Anazole 1mg for Men

Anastrazole USP 1mg


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Anazole 1mg is an oral medication which is used in the treatment of breast cancer in post menopausal women. It is used to lower down the level of estrogen in postmenopausal women. It can also used by females in which Tamoxifen does not show effects properly.

Anazole 1mg contains Anastrozole, as its active component. It is an anti estrogen compound. It comes under the category of aromatase inhibitors. Aromatase inhibition results in decrease in estrogen and which results delayed tumor growth and decrease in tumor growth. By this action Anazole treats breast cancer.

It is contraindicated in some individuals, so these individuals should not use this medication; such as individuals, who are sensitive to Anastrozole and using other estrogen containing drugs. It should be avoided by pregnant females. It should not be used by men and children.


Anazole 1mg is available in the oral dosage form. An individual can easily consume this drug with or without food. The recommended dose of this medication is one tablet, which should be consumed orally and once in a day. It can be used until tumor progression occurs.

Anazole 1mg consumption may cause some side effects in some individuals. These are common side effects which include cough, constipation, nausea, sour throat, weakness and breast, joint, back pain.


  • It should be used with extra care in case of history of severe liver disorders and osteoporosis.
  • In case of lipid imbalance and severe heart disorders, use this drug with caution.
  • Avoid breastfeeding, if you are using this medication.
  • It should not be administered in combination with some other medicines such as estrogen containing birth control pills.

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