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Buy Dostinex Online | Generic Cabergoline

Cabergoline (ca-BER-goe-leen)


Buy Dostinex Online | Generic Cabergoline

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Dostinex is one of the effective medications used for the management of various disorders related to high level of prolactin. It is used in the treatment of various disorders like as infertility and hyperprolactinemia. These disorders are developed due to elevation in the secretion of prolactin hormone by pituitary gland.

Dostinex is an oral formulation which is prepared by Cabergoline. It is derived from a natural ergot alkaloid and comes under the category of dopamine receptor agonist. It prevents the working of lactotroph cells. By this action prolactin concentration lowers down which results in the secretion of gonadotropin hormones. By this mechanism it increases fertility and decreases the risk of hyperprolactinemia.

Dostinex should not be consumed by individuals, who are allergic to ergot alkaloids and who are suffering from uncontrolled inclined in blood pressure, severe heart and breathing disorders or suffering from valve disorder of heart, as it may cause severe bad effects in these situations.


This medication is marketed in oral dosage form. An individual should consume this drug with water and it can be consumed with or without food. An adult individual should start the dose of this drug from 0.25mg twice per week approximately for 6 months. After every four week an increment in dose may occur depending upon the level of prolactin in the body. Individuals should not consume this drug more than 1mg twice a week and more than 24 months. Dostinex may cause some common side effects which do not require medical attention. These include dizziness, dry mouth, nervousness, depression and nausea.

Safety tips-

It should be used with extra care in case of lactation. It should not be used with some other substances like alcohol and macrolide antibiotic such as Clarithromycin.

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