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Ovral-L is a secure medication which is used for successful contraception. These pills are widely used by females. It contains two synthetic derivatives of estrogen and progesterone which blocks the activity of natural hormone and prevents pregnancy.

Ovral-L contains Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol; these two are synthetic derivative of progesterone and estrogen respectively. These both compounds act together which suppress the ovulation process. These drugs also change the uterine and cervical lining which makes it unsuitable for sperm to reach an egg. By these activities, Ovral-L is effectively useful for contraception.

Ovral-L pills should not be used by females in certain conditions like, severe blood related disorders and breast cancer, uterus or liver cancer. This medication should not be used by pregnant and lactating females.


It is an oral drug, which is taken by the mouth. Ovral-L is available in a pack of 28 tablets. It contains 21 active tablets which are effective and 7 tablets are inactive which are used as reminder pills. A female should take one tablet from active21 tablets daily at same time for 21 days. After completion of 21 tablets, the female should start reminder pill and take one pill every day for 7 days. After completion of these reminder pills, female should start with a new pack of this drug.

 A female should not miss the dose of this medication, if by chance she missed the dose of this drug, then she should use a backup method of contraception such as physical barriers and should contact with her doctor.

Use of Ovral-L pills may cause some side effects in some females. These include breast tenderness, change of mood, nausea, stomach upset and diarrhea.


  • Always use these pills with extra care if a female is suffering from any disorder such as depression, lipid imbalance, liver and heart related disorders.
  • If a female is more than 35 years of age, she should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption while taking this drug.

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