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Mifepristone - Mifeprex Abortion Pills


buy mifepristone mifeprex abortion pills

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Mifeprex is a real breakthrough solution to end the undesired pregnancy of less than 63 days. It contains active drug Mifepristone, a drug comes under the group of anti progesterone drug. It is used for ending an intrauterine pregnancy occurred due to forced sex or rape, failure of any contraceptive pill. It offers a benefit of non invasive and risk free mode of termination of pregnancy.

The Mifepristone pills contain Prostaglandins which works by blocking the action of progesterone. The hormone progesterone plays a significant role in the development of fetus as it provides nutrient and oxygen to the developing fetus.

Know the mode of administration-

Before taking Mifeprex pill, confirm about your pregnancy and take off your IUD devices. The way of administration of Mifeprex pill is a two phase process. On day 1, consume 3 tablets containing 200mg of Mifepristone via oral route with water or food. In case of incomplete termination of pregnancy after taking Mifepristone, take 2 pills of Misoprostol via the vaginal or oral route. It causes cramp; nausea and diarrhea. To confirm termination of pregnancy, it is mandatory to visit the doctor after 14 days of taking Misoprostol.

Administration of Mifeprex contraindicated in certain condition such as in the case of breastfeeding, Hypertension, Hepatic or Renal failure, Blood related disorders like anemia, hereditary porphyria, Asthma, High levels of cholesterol in the blood. Common side effect caused by Mifeprex include Abdominal cramping and pain, Heavy bleeding, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting.

Safety tips-

  • Don't take Mifeprex pill in case of ectopic pregnancy as this drug may rupture the fallopian tube.
  • In case of heavy bleeding, and persistent fever, consult to the doctor.
  • The Mifeprex pill causes drowsiness, so avoid the intake of alcohol while taking this drug.
  • Do not perform or operate any machinery work while taking this drug.
  • Avoid the intake of grapefruit juice, along with this drug.

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Awesome kit Review by Jenifer Liza
I purchased MTP KIT from online drug pills for terminating early pregnancy. I used it and get positive result (Posted on 2/21/17)

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