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Buy Plan B Unwanted 72 Pills Online | Generic Levonorgestrel

Levonorgestrel (LEE-voe-nor-jes-trel)


Buy Plan B Unwanted 72 Pills Online | Generic Levonorgestrel

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1 Tablet Levonorgestrel Tablet 1.5mg $8.00 $8.00
3 Tablets Levonorgestrel Tablet 1.5mg $7.00 $21.00
5 Tablets Levonorgestrel Tablet 1.5mg $6.00 $30.00


Plan B is used as an emergency contraceptive. It is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. It is also commonly called "morning after pill" as it is to be taken the morning after the night of unprotected physical intimacy.

It is important to remember that it is not a birth control pill which is to be taken on a regular basis. It is an emergency contraceptive that you have to take after lovemaking session so that you do not get pregnant.

It is a one-dose procedure: you take one tablet. The tablet contains 1.5 milligrams of Levonorgestrel to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Levonorgestrel changes the uterine lining and cervical lining and creates troubles in the path of sperm to reach an egg. It also prevents the attachment of fetus to the womb.

Plan B is not an abortion pill. It does not cause an abortion. Therefore, it will not be of any use, if you are already pregnant when you take it. If you take this medication within 72 hours after you've had unguarded intercourse, Plan B can reduce the threat of pregnancy by up to 90%. If you take this medication within a day, it is about 96% effective.

The common side effects of Plan B are vomiting, stomachache, feeling of tiredness, headache, alterations in menstrual cycle, drowsiness, breast tenderness, etc.

Do not take Plan B, if you are hypersensitive to Levonorgestrel or any other inactive ingredient present in this medication.  If you face problems of irregular vaginal blood loss or you weigh over 165 pounds, avoid taking this drug. If you vomit within two hours after taking the drug, call your physician immediately. 

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