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Proviron - Provironum - Mesterolone

Generic Mesterolone


Proviron - Provironum - Mesterolone

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Proviron is an oral drug, which is an androgen and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derivatives, and is, possesses an activity of natural androgen, termed as Mesterolone.  

Mesterolone is a male hormone, which is formed by the testicles and is responsible for the various secondary sexual characters in males. It is also chiefly required for the normal growth and development of bones and muscles. It successfully induces the production of RBCs. This generic drug comes under the brand name of Proviron and Provironum.

This oral dosage form of drug shows its effectiveness by supplementing the quantity of androgen, i.e. Mesterolone, in the body.

Composition of Proviron:

Each tablet contains 25 mg Mesterolone

Indications of Proviron 25 mg:

  • Proviron is effectively used as a replacement therapy in hypogonadism.
  • It is also used treat infertility in males, which occurs due to androgen deficiency.

This drug should be contraindicated in some conditions like, allergy to this drug, prostate cancer, women and liver tumor.

The drug should be used with caution in patients, having medical issues like hypertension, diabetes, high level of calcium in blood and migraine.

Dose and mode of administration of Proviron 25 mg:

The treatment with this drug should be done by administering the tablet orally, with a drinking water.  

For androgen deficiency and infertility:

Initial dose: 75 to 100 mg of this drug should be taken in a day.

Maintenance dose: 50 to 75 mg of this drug is administered in a divided dose.
The treatment via drug may cause malignant liver tumor.

Patient may experience various side effects by taking an over dose of this drug, i.e. prolonged erection and blood in urine.

Important information about medication:

Regular and proper examination of prostate gland and breast should be done necessarily after taking the drug. 

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