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Tretinoin Gel Microsphere


Retin A Micro

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Retin-A Micro Gel contains Tretoinin, which is a topical form of Vitamin A, which offers the primary function of excellent skin renewal. This gel also finds use in treating acne by helping treat mottled discoloration, wrinkles and in matters associated with the coarseness and smoothness of skin. Retin-A is for topical use only; avoid application inside the mouth, nose or inner lip area. Retin-A Gel is over and again used to recover the texture and appearance of the skin. It creates a mild, exterior peel to the epidermis. This unique formulation has remarkable effects on both the deep (dermis) and superficial (epidermis) of skin. The foremost advantage is to lessen the effects of sunlight caused aging by enhancing the speed with which the surface cells are restored.

Dosage and application:

Thoroughly clean and dry your hands and affected part of the face prior to and after application of Retin-A Micro Gel. Make certain you dry your skin as application of Retin-A to skin that is damp may bring about skin irritation. Be careful that after applying the gel, avoid washing the treated skin area for no less than 60 minutes. Also do not apply any other skin products during this time duration. The gel must be directly applied onto the region where the lesions emerge. It may take 3 to 6 weeks before the complete profits of this drug are observed. Wash your face with mild soap or cleanser, and avoid washing it excessively. Abrasive lotions, soaps, cleansers, or medicated creams can add to skin irritation.

Side effects:

Side effects associated with the application of Retin-A Micro Gel may include trouble in breathing, redness of skin, burning or stinging sensation all over the body, inflammation of face, hands or feet and other allergic reactions.

Possible drug interactions:

Retin-A can prove to be detrimental if applied in combination with other drugs such as:

  • Declomycin (Demeclocycline)
  • Bactrim (Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole)
  • Periostat (Doxycycline)
  • Midamor (Amiloride)
  • Minocin (Minocycline)
  • Modecate (Fluphenazine)
  • Compazine (Prochlorperazine)
  • Thorazine (Chlorpromazine)


  • Take great caution while applying this gel formulation that it does not get into your mouth, lips, eyes or nose as this could result in great irritation or even hypersensitive.
  • Be careful that you do not apply the Retin-A micro gel on skin areas that are chapped, sunburned, irritated or broken.
  • While you are using this gel, you must avoid being in the sunlight as the Tretoinin present in Retin-A can lead to increased sensitivity to UV rays and sunlight. Therefore, you must always use a sunscreen and put on protecting clothes while going out in the sun, particularly in the summer months.
  • Do not use Retin-A if you happen to be pregnant as medication could result in impairment to the unborn baby.
  • While using Retin-A gel, you must also keep away from application of other skin products such as harsh soaps, shampoos, chemicals, hair colors, waxes, skin cleansers, and hair removal products.

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