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Buy Fildena 50MG 100MG Online | Generic Sildenafil

Sildenafil Citrate - Fildena - 50mg -100mg


Buy Fildena 50MG 100MG Online | Generic Sildenafil

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Fildena 50 mg and 100mg is a successful medicine, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction in adult males. Sildenafil citrate is a generic product of this drug and is a phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder associated with the malfunctioning of the genitals in males, in which he loses his power to attain natural erection at the time of sensual moment. 

This drug acts shows its pharmaceutical result by blocking the action of PDE 5, releasing cGMP activity and finally leading to vasodilation.

Indications of Fildena 50 mg and 100mg:

  • It is efficiently used to treat erectile dysfunction in adult males.
  • Also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The drug is contraindicated in patients, having medical issues like allergy to this drug, hereditary eye disorder (retinitis pigmentosa), anatomical disorders of genital and life threatening heart related problems.

This drug may interact with nitrate based drugs (of any form), i.e. Isosorbide dinitrate, because this may cause harmful effect in the patient.

This is not recommended with some other drugs like alpha blockers, anti depressant and other PDE 5 inhibitors, because combination with these type of drugs are not safe to the patients. 

The effectiveness of the drug may reduce when taken along with alcohol or grape fruit juices.

Dose and mode of administration of Fildena 50 mg and 100mg:

This drug is to be taken via oral drug, beneficial to take this drug with plain water. This is one time medicine, which should be taken before 30 to 60 minutes of physical conception. It is beneficial to take the drug without having diet of heavy fatty acid. This drug shows its remedial effect within 30 minutes of administration and this effect may last for up to 4 hours.

This medicine should not be taken one tablet in a day.

Short term side effects, which may arises due to this therapy: Nausea, stomach ache, dizziness, drowsiness and nasal congestion.

Overdosing symptom: Chest pain, fluctuation in heartbeat, and painful and prolong erection.  

Important information about medication:

This drug should not provide any protection to STDs like gonorrhea, so always practice with barrier contraceptive method for getting protection. 

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