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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping Method

Q What shipping method do you use on your website?
Q I was not at home when product was delivered. What should I do?
Q What if my product was not delivered on the delivery date?
Q What is your success rate in delivering medications?
Q What information do you need ship my order?
Q How long does it take to ship my order?
Q What is your shipping charge?
Q I made a mistake in my delivery address. Will I get my order?

Privacy Policy

Q Is all my information that I shared with you are safe?

Your Order

Q How do I submit prescription for my order?
Q How can I order medicine from your website?
Q What happen after placing an order?
Q How can I track my order location?
Q I want to cancel my product?
Q Medication which I ordered now looks different from the previous?

Payment Methods

Q What are the different payment methods you use to book an order?
Q Do you have cash on delivery payment?

Refund Policy

Q Do you except return?
Q What if I don’t get the result I want? DO I get my money back?

About Drugs on OnlineDrugPills

Q Using generic drugs are safe?
Q Are medication on you site are safe and effective?
Q What quality of product you use for shipping?
Q What safety measure do you follow in product development?
Q How will I know that particular medications are available on your site?
Q Do you require any prescription to order medication from your website?

About OnlineDrugPills

Q How you are different from local chemist shop?
Q Are you a legitimate company?
Q How can I contact your organization?